Third World Center Perspectives: The End (And Also the Beginning)

Photo courtesy of the Brown Imagine Rape 0 Facebook page

Hello and welcome! Our names are Dolma Ombadykow and Olivia Veira. We’re both first years and will be blogging the Third World Center perspective for the Bruin Club blog this year! It’s going to be excellent.

It’s been a crazy semester. Thanks for sticking it through with us. Over the year we’ve thought critically about what it means to be a student of Color at Brown, which could be difficult at times. Above all, I (Olivia, hey) hope I’ve expressed how completely ecstatic I am to be here and despite Brown’s shortcomings, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. In fact, an email Christina Paxson recently sent out reminded me why I am happy to be here. In her email, she stated that next year she will be hiring a full time staff member who will solely focus on Brown’s compliance with Title IX, the federal law concerning sexual assault. Also, increased funds will go towards dealing with sexual misconduct. These funds should better enable the University to handle sexual misconduct with respect to specific demographics. Also, there will be a Task Force to assess the University’s policies. This Task Force is supposed to start working very soon. To read her letter and more about the Task Force, click here and here, respectively.

In addition to Christina Paxson’s note, Justice for Lena and Survivors Everywhere created a petition, “Imagine Brown Rape 0” with a list of demands for the Brown administration. It’s really awesome. Check it out here.

Are these the silver bullet to all of our problems? No. But it’s a terrific start. And we’re so excited to see what Brown can do.

Thank you so much for spending the year with us! We appreciate your readership and we hope our blog has helped you in your application process.

Have an amazing summer and we hope to see you around campus! And of course, please continue to feel free to email us.

As always,

Olivia and Dolma


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