Wise Fools: Honestly, Is There Any School Spirit?


Curious about sophomore life and learning at Brown? Here you hear about the best and worst parts of being a second year at Brown.  Follow a Wise Fool (from the Greek sophos or wise and moros or fool) and aspiring Classicist Hannah Liu around Brown and the surrounding area as she explores from a student’s point of view. 

I always asked about school spirit when I was looking at schools. I came from a high school with an increasingly dominant football team, and a huge student body, but embarrassingly little school spirit. We didn’t even have homecoming! So I wanted that to change when I came to college. I meant enthusiasm for sports when I asked, but when I came to Brown I found out that school spirit can manifest in many different ways.

There is some school spirit surrounding sports games, and it is a common enough occurrence to see people walking around in Brown football t-shirts when it is warm, or Brown sweatshirts when it is cold. The men’s soccer team is known for plastering walls with posters and chalking up sidewalks to drum up interest in their games, and basketball is becoming more and more popular at Brown. Usually, however, school spirit is seen simply in the enjoyment that we take from being Brown students.

An example of school spirit that I always cite is the tour guide program. The program is entirely volunteer and actually has to hold auditions because of the popularity of the program! There are always more people who want to celebrate and show off brown than there are slots available to do so. As tour guides, we only give one tour a week, and even then there are people every semester who are sadly denied the privilege. Students show their school spirit in the clubs that they are in, and they show it with the activities that they do. People are happy to be students here, and though our school spirit is not conventional, it is easy to tell that we love Brown and are proud to be members of this community.

What are some questions that you have about Brown?  Is there anything specific that you would like to read about in Wise Fools?  Please email me at Hannah_Liu@Brown.edu with any suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns!



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