Hungry As a Bear: Throwback Post!

V-Dub Waffles

This was an old gem that I found while looking through the drafts folder of the blog – feast your eyes upon the work of the old Hungry as a Bear columnist, Corrine (who now writes for Snapshots of Brown) – the Blog Editor, Emily

Be honest.  One of the things that scares you the most about going to college is not knowing what the food is like.  If you are worried about what you will be eating on campus once you arrive at Brown, look no further than Hungry as a Bear with Corrine Szczesny.

Well, it appears another academic year is drawing to a close.  So how does a hungry Brown student end his or her semester?  With finals sweets of course. Luckily, you do not need to leave College Hill to enjoy some terrific pastries, cookies, cakes, pies, or ice cream.   Thayer Street houses some pretty fabulous eating establishments and campus food is very good as well.  Over the past year I have shared some facts about eating here at Brown.  Now, I want to end this academic year with some of the most delightful treats I know.  I have highlighted a few of my favorite sweets below:

1) Chocolate croissants from the Blue Room.  My absolute favorite thing to eat for breakfast.  The almond croissants are also delicious, but very filling.

2) Pistachio muffins from the Blue Room.  I had never seen a pistachio muffin (they are bright green!) before I came to Brown, but they quickly became my favorite type of muffin.

3) Raspberry Black Satin Fudge Cake from the Ratty or the V-Dub.  Out of all of the cakes served at the main dining halls, this is my favorite.

4) Cappuccino brownies from the Ratty or the V-Dub.  I have been trying to figure out how to make these brownies so I can continue to have them once I am no longer a Brown student.

5) Waffles with soft serve from the V-Dub.  The waffle maker at the V-Dub really sets it apart from the Ratty.  There are plenty of options for toppings, including whipped cream, sprinkles, and hot fudge.

6) Ben & Jerry’s Coconut Seven Layer Bar ice cream.  This flavor is only available at Ben & Jerry’s shops.  Luckily, there is a Ben & Jerry’s just off Thayer, as well as one at the mall.

7) Creme Brulee at Paragon.  Paragon is not cheap, but the food, and especially the desserts are delicious.  I especially love the creme brulee, which is raspberry infused.  The chocolate cake is also amazing.  Paragon is a great place to go if your parents are in town.

8) Smoothies from Ivy Room.  There are so many options for smoothies with fresh fruit, yogurt, and juice, that you can have a different smoothie each night of the week.  Smoothies are both delicious and good for you, which is something this list clearly needed.

Over the past year, I have enjoyed being able to describe the food available to Brown students.  Happy eating everyone, and I hope to see you in September.

Curious about the food on campus or the difference between meal credits and points?  Feel free to email me at


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