Bench Press: Choose Brown, Choose Fun


Welcome to Bench Press! My name is Lainie Rowland and I’m the starting quarterback on the football team, like to run marathons during my free time, and am currently in the process of qualifying for the Rio Olympics as a competitive ping pong player. I’m kidding, of course, but I do love sports and Brown, so I’m really excited to write about a combination of the two this year.

With the clock ticking down to the final hours for college decisions, it’s time for our last ditch attempts to convince you to come to Brown. Not only is Brown an incredible learning environment, full of intellectual curiosity, challenges and academics, it’s also a really, really fun place. If you’re still deciding between here and somewhere else, that probably means that both of your options offer an elite academic experience, which is something Brown students value to the highest extent. But, what else differentiates Brown, and for that matter, all other schools? The experience you will have, no matter where you go, will be very different. Brown is well known for its happy students. We like to have fun and we do.

And to tie this in to what I’m supposed to be writing about… Often this fun ties in to somesports-related activity.

I’m not going to direct this column towards recruited student athletes, because most, if not all, of you have already come to your senses and committed to Brown. That being said, there are walk on opportunities here on many of the teams, so if you’re looking to get some playing time in, don’t despair (and come to Brown!). We offer many high level club teams, like frisbee, rugby, ultimate frisbee and ever our taekwondo club, that continue to excel not only regionally, but nationally. Fun Fact: our taekwondo team has won nationals four years running. Also, and this is especially true for tall people, prepare yourself to be encouraged to join crew during your first weeks of school – crew teams are notorious for recruiting walk-ons.

It’s weird to come to college and not be on a sports team all of a sudden. You miss both the camaraderie and the structure of a team setting. There are lots of fun ways to fix that, and often they are a lot more fun than the running around the gym you used to do in high school. Honestly, I don’t think I even know all of the possibilities here. Of course, there’s all the instructional classes, like Zumba and Spinning, but you can also play inner tube water polo intramurally, you can play on our squash or tennis courts, you can go to free skate during the winter, you can go rock climbing, rafting and hiking with Brown Outing Club, you can go on ski trips with Brown Recreation, you can run with our running club, you can throw a frisbee around (competitively with our ultimate teams, or casually on the main green). I could go on and on.

An important part of learning to live on your own and make the transition to college is being healthy and taking care of yourself. The athletic experience here makes the staying active part of that fun. The hygiene is up to you.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email and I’ll get back to you!




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