Office Hour: Use Your Resources!

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Welcome to Office Hour, where Natasha Bluth, a Brown University Junior concentrating International relations and Slavic studies interviews a different professor each week. You are cordially invited to delve into Brown’s sixty-three departments and meet the crème de la crème of academicians.

As one of my other duties as part of the Bruin Club at Brown, I also work as a tour guide. Each week, I spend about an hour with prospective students and their families, highlighting various landmarks on campus, and talking about why I love this school so much. And each week, I mention how Brown resources are readily available for students to find jobs and internships, as well as research opportunities on and off campus. My spiel is headlined with the phrase, “Professors are approachable and accessible.”

While I only have 50 minutes to cover the gargantuan topic of “Brown” during a campus tour, there’s a lot to say about professors as invaluable resources to students. Often times, students approach a favorite professor at the end of class or lecture to ask whether they might have a position available for a student assistant on a research project. Last year, a friend of mine secured a position in a research lab in the CLPS department (Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences) where she had the chance to work with babies each week, discovering how they developed linguistically. As long as you like babies, I’d say that’s a pretty cute research project.

What about the dreaded summer plans that each college student hates to discuss until they’ve gotten that really awesome internship with Goldman Sachs? Parents begin asking about your plans as early as Christmas dinner, and it definitely has the potential to put a damper on your winter holiday. It’s almost May and when plans fall through or that member of that nonprofit still hasn’t emailed you back, one option is to turn to those who are right around you, whom you know and love. Professors often have smaller research projects in the summer months, so you can enjoy a Providence summer and partake in a topic of interest.  

Questions, comments, concerns? Email Natasha Bluth at for more information. 


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