On The Brown Low: Duck and Bunny


Wondering what Providence has to offer? Curious as to where to find the best off-campus entertainment? Well, lucky for you, On The Brown Low, will give you just that! Isabelle Edwards, a native Rhode Islander, will show you the best spots to grab a bite to eat, find fun activities, or just kick around! Stay tuned!

I’m sorry for bombarding you all with yet another post about the many restaurants here in Providence, but did you know that Rhode Island is reputed to have the 4th-most restaurants per capita of all 50 states?! That means that I’m always running into new restaurants to try out, which also means that you all get to hear about my food adventures (;

So today, I bring you Duck and Bunny: A snuggery.What is a snuggery you ask? It’s essentially a cozy and comfortable place to relax, and Duck and Bunny is just that! (Read more about the definition of a snuggery here). In fact, Duck and Bunny is so cozy that on one of my many visits there, when I was cold, they brought me out a fuzzy blanket to cover myself with! Talk about service!

One of D&B’s season crepe pizzas! This one was goat cheese, spinach, and sun-dried tomatoes, I believe.
The Monte Cristo: Turkey, ham & Swiss cheese on Portuguese sweet bread french toast. Served with maple syrup & a dusting of powdered sugar.
The Monte Cristo: Turkey, ham & Swiss cheese on Portuguese sweet bread french toast. Served with maple syrup & a dusting of powdered sugar.

The food at D&B is phenomenal. Just take my word for it, seriously. And their coffee and teas always hit the spot. (They have a black licorice tea that I’m head over heels for). I won’t even start talking about how incredible their cupcakes are (potentially the thing that they’re most known for), but if you have a sweet tooth, trying their red velvet and/or nutella and banana cupcake is a must!


D&B is located on Wickenden Street – a lovely 10-minute walk from campus! It’s the perfect place to unwind when you’ve had an exhausting day and just need some really great comfort food!

Until next time!

Is there something I haven’t covered? Heard of a cool place in Rhode Island but haven’t seen a post about it yet? Email me your suggestions and questions at Isabelle_Edwards@brown.edu!

* All images © 2013-2014 Isabelle Edwards. Please request permission before use.



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