Office Hour: Professor Zachary Sng


Welcome to Office Hour, where Natasha Bluth, a Brown University Junior concentrating International relations and Slavic studies interviews a different professor each week. You are cordially invited to delve into Brown’s sixty-three departments and meet the crème de la crème of academicians.

This week, the interview tables were turned as I interviewed junior Maru Pabon about her favorite professor, Zachary Sng, of the German Studies and Comparative Literature departments.

Pabon said that Professor Sng is suave and charismatic. “He intermittently throws great German concepts on the board and starts drawing lines about how different roots lead to subjects,” she noted, smiling.

“He also has these small rectangular glasses,” she said. “When he swiftly starts to make a point, he takes them off and plays with them.”

For Pabon, Professor Sng, a native of Singapore, is a noteworthy academic at Brown. There’s “a struggle in humanities departments,” she said, “White men teach things by white men. It’s impressive to see someone from another diverse background inculcated, and acknowledging the differences.”

“He’s the only person of color that I’ve taken a class with in Comp Lit,” she said. “He also has an eyebrow piercing, which I think is fantastic.”

Pabon has taken Introduction to Theory of Literature and Literature and Multilingualism with Professor Sng.

Questions, comments, concerns? Email Natasha Bluth at for more information. 


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