Second Time Around: A Transfer Take On Spring Weekend


Here you can get a glimpse of life at Brown through the eyes of a transfer student. I’m Ashlyn Mooney, and this is my Second Time Around.

Something’s happening at Brown. The ratio of bro tank wearers to non bro tank wearers is unusually high. Buzzing thumps of turned-up bass lines emanate from windows and quads. The exam period is just around the corner and yet everyone seems…really happy?

Oh yeah, and there’s that giant stage in the middle of the Main Green.

That’s right, it’s Spring Weekend! Once a year, at the tail end of the long, cold Providence winter, Brown throws a huge party and concert for anyone with $20 to buy a ticket and a desire to dance. Odds are that most college students are familiar with this springtime concert ritual–analogs exist at most institutions. At Northwestern, for example, a similar event goes by Dillo Day–at Yale, it’s Spring Fling. But as every Brown student will tell you–transfers included–there’s only one Spring Weekend. The folks at Baeble will back us up: we’re the #1 college music festival in the nation, apparently!

Most of my fellow transfers are already experts at Spring Weekend by the time they come to Brown–they’ve been there, done that, and know how to get down. Some like to hang out in back, sitting on blankets and watching the revelers, letting the music come to them. Others like to push their way up to the front and gaze adoringly into the eyes of their favorite artists. Most find themselves somewhere in the middle, dancing/shouting/singing with the crowd. Anywhere you sit or stand, Spring Weekend is bound to be an awesome time!

That’s all for now, folks! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or leave a comment below. 


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