Stage Write: Theater…Class?

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Hi! My name is Carrie Adams, and I’m a freshman here at Brown. On my column, Stage Write, I will be filling you in about all the drama at Brown (no, not who sat with whom at the Ratty, but actual glorious theater!). Each week I’ll be highlighting different theatre groups on campus and shows that are being performed. All of Brown’s a stage!

Hey guys! Registration is next week for Brown students, and you may be wondering what theatre classes you can take at Brown as a freshman.

A class that I HIGHLY recommend is Intro to Acting and Directing. It is capped at 20 students, and there is an application process (very low-key, if you come in to the first day of shopping period and want to be in the 2nd semester section, you are basically guaranteed in). I’m going to be talking more about this class at the end of the semester, but I’m taking it now and having such a great time! There are two sections a semester, one taught by Connie Crawford (an angel) and the other taught by a Brown/Trinity MFA grad student. I know people in all the sections, and everybody has been happy with their professor!  This is not a requirement for the TAPS concentration, but it’s a great way to get to know other first-years interested in acting.

You can also take Intro to Modern dance (which I wrote about HERE) if you have no experience in dance, plus there are plenty of other dance classes offered if you have some experience. Again, just talk to the professors and you can work something out!

There are theory classes, playwriting classes, and Modern Culture and Media classes if you’re into film. Check out this link to see all the classes offered in TAPS this spring to get a sense of the options available!

Questions? Comments? Want to Skype and practice monologues together? Not sure if that last one is actually possible, but for the other two, feel free to email me at!


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