Brown Threads: Pastels on Pastels


Ever wonder what college students wear to survive the temperamental New England weather in style? Not sure what to pack for college? Curious about the trends fashionable Brown students are trying out each season? Look no further! Brown Threads with Caitlin Meuser will feature weekly posts about the fashion seen on Brown University’s campus.

Campus is finally warm and with the warm weather comes an increase in pastels. I’m talking about salmon shorts, light green shorts, peach shorts, and everything else in between. This trend is not restricted to one gender; rather, every one is reveling in the warm weather and taking up the opportunity to showcase their best pastel items.

This is not a new trend. Pastels have been big in the preppy universe for a long time and signify summers on Martha’s Vineyard and weekends spent boating and playing golf. However, pastels are entering high fashion this season and can be found in everything from purses to baseball hats to jeans. This does not mean that you should dress in head-to-toe pastel. Instead, you should incorporate one main pastel piece into your daily wardrobe in a color that compliments your complexion. Unfortunately, not everybody can pull off pale green.

So as finals loom and flowers begin to bloom, think about investing in some key pastel pieces. You can never go wrong with a classic pair of salmon shorts or a light blue dress.

If you have any questions about the fashion at Brown or what to pack for life as a college student, please email me at


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