Office Hour: 9 Great Things Talking to Brown Professors Can Do For YOU!

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Welcome to Office Hour, where Natasha Bluth, a Brown University Junior concentrating International relations and Slavic studies interviews a different professor each week. You are cordially invited to delve into Brown’s sixty-three departments and meet the crème de la crème of academicians.

  1. Research opportunities: If you enjoy a professor’s work, approach him or her after class and ask if they need assistance!
  2. Thesis advising: Professors dealt with this themselves. Get invaluable advice from them.
  3. Concentration advising: Professors are like academic therapists. Explain your interests and they can help steer you in the right direction.
  4. Office hours: Take advantage of office hours! Each professor has two hours a week to check in, discuss and edit papers or exams or chat about the course.
  5. Chatting about a subject you are passionate about: Professors work in academia for a reason; they are passionate about what they do and love when a student is passionate too!
  6. Babysitting job: If you’re lucky, you can spend time with your favorite professor’s children.
  7. Idea processing: Bounce ideas off a professor to solidify a research question.
  8. References: Professors work so closely with their students that they are usually happy to write a reference for a job or internship.
  9. Career advice: Many professors worked elsewhere before coming to Brown, whether it was research or a career outside of academia. They had to make hard decisions too and can help you!

Questions, comments, concerns? Email Natasha Bluth at for more information. 


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