Music to My Ears: The Applied Music Program


Hey guys! I’m Eimi (pronounced ‘Amy’) and I’m a freshman concentrating in Linguistics and Education Studies. I co-write Music to My Ears with Deointe, and hopefully you’ll get to see the different facets that Brown’s music department has to offer from my perspective! 

The musicians at Brown are nothing short of fantastic. In fact, I’m convinced that some are even better than the professionals in the field. But how do I continue my music education while pursuing a college degree? Students here are able to take part in a very unique music department program called the Applied Music Program in order to satisfy the two topics mattered in the question. I’ve mentioned The Applied Music Program in my previous posts, but I’ve never really gotten to explain what it is… so here I am!

At the beginning of the semester, interested students play a 1,2 minute excerpt from a classical piece of their choice in front of the respective AMP supervisors (it differs depending upon instrument type) as an audition, and students who qualify are paired with a teacher in the program for lessons. Students have weekly lessons with the teacher to work on a piece to be performed at the end of the semester either in a scored jury or public recital. Lessons are free for music concentrators, but $720 per semester for all other students.

I currently study with Lois Finkel. She is a great mentor who gets to know her students very well and tapers lessons to the abilities of each student. Aside from working on the obvious scales and etudes (yay Kreutzer), I am currently working on Serenade Melancolique by Tchaikovsky. I recently just started the Mozart-Kresiler Rondo, which is almost the complete opposite of the Tchaikovsky, so i’m excited to see where it goes!

Coming to Brown, I didn’t think I would partake in this program. In fact, I did not even know of it until after I had auditioned for orchestra, a different ensemble. I ended up getting into orchestra, but the conductor also offered me a place in the program and I accepted. It is because of this program that I have been able to partake in music events outside of Brown (see previous post) and have been able to expand upon my musical horizons. AMP has opened doors that I never even knew existed and improved upon my capabilities as a violinist. Granted it is a lot of time and effort to put it in on top of classes, the end result of is immensely gratifying.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me at or comment below… I’ll be answering them here and who knows, you might get featured!


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