The Weekly Brown Snapshot: Welcome to Brown

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Can’t make it Brown’s beautiful campus? Want to see life at Brown through a student’s eyes? Look no further! Welcome to Weekly Brown Snapshot, a blog devoted to picturing (quite literally!) all that Brown has to offer. Follow senior Kimberly Takahata as she opens up her phone for your viewing pleasure.

Okay, I know, we keep lying to you about whether this blog is the Weekly Brown Snapshot or Snapchat. I promise the Snapchats will be back next week, but this week is a special occasion: this week, we share our excitement, joy, and feeling of age with our incredible new class of 2018.

Four years ago, I was in your shoes. I was en route to another school’s accepted student program (no, I won’t say which one, it doesn’t matter anymore), and I left my mother with my admission username and password. She called me a few minutes after 5pm, and at the time, all I thought was, “wow!” Brown at the time wasn’t near the top of my list, wasn’t a school I seriously thought I would attend (ha).

I attended A Day On College Hill (affectionately known as ADOCH), which back then was only two days and one night on Brown’s campus. I met other accepted students, current students, faculty, staff, the Providence rain…and I was happy. Dean Miller, the Dean of Admissions here at Brown, believes in the science of the gut. That you can stand at the end of the Main Green and feel in your gut whether or not you belong at Brown.

I didn’t get that feeling. But I think I knew, rationally at the very least, that Brown was the right place for me. And I can say without a doubt that the Open Curriculum has shaped my confidence and ability as a scholar, that the culture of collaboration and kindness on this campus has allowed me to explore my identity, that the drive to constantly question and challenge has pushed me to clarify exactly what I mean and stand by my beliefs, that the incredible talent and intelligence astounds me every day….and while I can say all that, I can also say that I think I will be comfortable to leave Brown at the end of my senior year.

But I only say that because I think Brown has prepared me to be ready to leave, to be ready to tackle the next challenge that faces me. And in just a few months, I will literally have classmates around the world whom I can call my dear friends.

Congratulations, class of 2018. Even though you make me feel old, I’m incredibly excited and thoroughly thrilled for you.

Prefrosh! Brunonians! Have anything you’d like to see highlighted in the next weeks? Know any corny jokes? Email suggestions/comments/punchlines to


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