Office Hour: Professor Shoggy Waryn

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Welcome to Office Hour, where Natasha Bluth, a Brown University Junior concentrating International relations and Slavic studies interviews a different professor each week. You are cordially invited to delve into Brown’s sixty-three departments and meet the crème de la crème of academicians. 

Professor Shoggy Waryn, a Senior Lecturer in the French Departmnet, passed away this past February, but will be remembered for his engaging personality and true devotion to French Studies at Brown.

I had the opportunity to take a course taught by Professor Waryn my freshman year called French Cinema: the First 50 Years. The course explored the relationship of French cinema to history, technology and art during the first half of the 20th-century.

Thanks to Professor Waryn, I was able to extend my high-school love affair with French language and literature through the lens of a camera. Interdisciplinary, the course satiated my desire to expose my studies to French and introduced me to the Providence French Film Festival, which Professor Waryn organized for 10 years. The festival happens each spring semester.

Professor Waryn had a penchant for meshing French studies and technology, which attracted many students from different departments. He was a key coordinator in introducing new web software to Brown’s campus used by students and faculty alike. He also helped organize the Brown in France program, where he served as resident director in Paris three different years.

Many who had the chance to interact with Professor Waryn in and out of the classroom will continue to think of him fondly.

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