Second Time Around: Kiss me, I’m a Brown student!


Here you can get a glimpse of life at Brown through the eyes of a transfer student. I’m Ashlyn Mooney, and this is my Second Time Around. 

March at Brown can be a study in contradictions. One day, the sun’s shining and the main green is dotted with T-shirt clad students eating sandwiches and throwing frisbees. The next day, you’re slipping and sliding on slush, splashing through puddles the size of Lake Superior. If Providence weather weren’t teasing enough, Spring Break is tantalizingly close–well, except for the two essays, one midterm exam and a lab report that have to get done first. Yikes.

Springtime as a transfer student can have its highs and lows, too. The March that I transferred to Brown–I was a spring transfer, so I started at Brown in January at the beginning of the spring semester–I was still finding my way. Classes were great, but even in March I was getting turned around on campus, unable to find my professors’ offices. I was making new friends, but telling my new acquaintances that I was new to Brown butnoI’mnotatransfer! was getting a little old. I might wake up wondering if I’d made the right decision to transfer and then go to bed thrilled to be a Brown student.

As the days got warmer and the campus burst into bloom (literally, there are flowers on almost every tree on campus in April and May…it’s gorgeous!) the uncertainties I had carried with me through the winter started to melt away. As a transfer student, I could appreciate what Brown had to offer in a way that my fellow students who started as freshman could not. That’s not to say that my peers don’t appreciate what Brown University has to offer, because they absolutely do.  But They don’t have another university as a basis of comparison.  I will never be a freshman at Brown. But the freshmen at Brown will never get to be transfer students, and I’m glad that I got the transfer experience even when my early days here were their most tumultuous.

During my first spring at Brown, I became more and more aware of how much I had gained from transferring. The days got longer and warmer, and I got more and more thankful–and one year later, I’m still feeling luckier (even as I’m getting drenched in a freak rainstorm). I think it’s going to be a lucky St. Patrick’s day this year. Kiss me, I’m a Brown student!

That’s all for now, folks! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at or leave a comment below. 


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