The Extras: 250+ Things to Do


With 400 plus student groups and tons of events daily, how does a Brown student navigate life outside of the lecture hall? I’m Lily Hartmann, and I am the freshmen behind “The Extras”; the blog that aims to give you a glimpse into the most exciting and noteworthy activities on campus. Throughout the year this blog will give you snapshots of what Brunonians do when they aren’t hitting the books on College Hill!

As you can probably tell from a lot of the other blog posts, this past weekend marked the opening of the celebration of Brown’s 250th Birthday! The campus was abuzz with alumni, family, and students from all over Rhode Island who were all taking part in the celebration. Running throughout the events and amongst the people was a sense of excitement and joy of being part of such a historic institution. The weekend was filled with scientific exhibits to visit, museums to explore, tours of Brown to see the historic architecture, a movie about what makes Brown great, performances by music and dance groups, a production of Passing Strange, and many great lectures. So this week I am taking a break from highlighting a student group on campus, and instead am going to highlight a few of the 250+ things the celebration of Brown’s birthday brought to campus this past weekend. (250+ events is kind of an exaggeration, but you know what I mean!)

Brown hosted a great series of discussion panels and lectures this weekend, which began Friday afternoon with Jim Yong Kim ’82 who is the World Bank Group President. Although I didn’t make it to his talk, I heard he talked about his Brown experience, activism, and the importance of social change, and was truly inspiring. On Saturday, President Paxson hosted a President’s Colloquium on the Virtues of a Liberal Education. Basically, and there were 5 different panels or talks with Brown alums about issues relating to politics and partisanship, healthcare, jobs in the United States, the role of the documentary in social change, technology and education, and revolutions. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez ’83 spoke during these discussions and said, “Brown taught me how to embrace diversity and how to expand my comfort zone, and it really gave me the moral and ethical and intellectual foundation for so much of what I did.” Such great ideas came out of these discussions and the alums showed us all what we can do with a Brown education.


On early Friday evening, a crowd of alumni and students filled Sayles Hall to see the film premiere of “The Brown Difference”. This short film was created by two alums, and it demonstrated all we know and love about this university. It highlighted the foundation of the university in Rhode Island, the special characteristics of the Open Curriculum, the faculty the school draws who love to work with and learn from the undergrads, and most importantly how happy students are at Brown. The film made the audience smile and was a great reminder of how lucky we are to be at such a unique institution.

These two types of events just skim of the surface of what Brown had going on campus this past weekend. The 250+ celebration offered something for everyone, and it highlighted once again that at Brown there is a group, a place, or an activity for everyone.

Have questions about a specific student group or event on campus? Want me to cover a specific topic in my next post? Feel free to shoot me an email at with any of your questions and comments


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