Bench Press: Cheers for 250


Welcome to Bench Press! My name is Lainie Rowland and I’m the starting quarterback on the football team, like to run marathons during my free time, and am currently in the process of qualifying for the Rio Olympics as a competitive ping pong player. I’m kidding, of course, but I do love sports and Brown, so I’m really excited to write about a combination of the two this year.

Ok, so clearly this week as all about the big 250 here at Brown (scroll down and try to find a post about anything else). But who’s to blame us? 250 is a big number, it has a lot of meaning and importance. In 250 years, big things happen. And at the end of 250 years, big sporting events happen! Beside the fireworks, cake, really impressive speakers and generally great times all around, the undeniable best thing about this weekend was the athletics. Our athletic teams are part of how we represent ourselves to the world. When you put on a uniform, you compete in Brown’s name and become a part of its many layered history. While that’s true anywhere, it’s especially relevant here, where we value so highly the passion and drive to be a game changer (in as many ways as possible). The athletic excitement of the 250 weekend was spirited and boundless. Here’s a quick highlight reel:

The men’s basketball team donned throwback uniforms as they played to a packed house and raucous student section on their senior night against Harvard, who had previously clinched the Ivy title, on Saturday. The athletics department distributed Brown 250 t-shirts at the event, as the Bears dragged Harvard to the very edge of regulation in one of the most closely fought, energetic battles that has ever occurred in the history of sports. School spirit was palpable in the air as the basketball team celebrated and capped off an impressive season.

Women’s lacrosse faced Princeton this weekend, whose perpetually strong lacrosse program has stumped the Bears for the last twenty-three years. But that all ended Saturday when Brown took the Tigers into an intense overtime, scoring the game winning goal with thirty seconds left. If that’s not game changing and historic, then I don’t know what is.

The gymnastics team continued its record breaking, championship season with a home meet that resulted in two new team records and set 4 individual PR’s. I find the fact that we have a gymnastics team in general to be really really cool and I think it’s even cooler that they’re Ivy League Champs (NBD) and insanely talented.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Need a pen pal? Shoot me an email at And I’m not just saying that, I would genuinely love to hear from you!


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