A Fresh View: Celebrating the 250th and More

Fireworks Display
Courtesy of Brown University Facebook

Hello, Brown hopefuls! My name is Kimberly Truong and I am the awkward (but utterly thrilled) first-year behind A Fresh View. With that big question mark hovering over where you’ll be spending the next four years of your life, rest assured that this freshman will tell you her experience as she stumbles through the wonderful world of Brown.

A couple of days ago signified the official halfway mark of the semester. Well before this, I had already been stressed out enough with midterms and papers (and any other facet of college life). So last weekend, I urged my parents to take me home, practically breaking down in front of the SciLi—in need of a refreshing break from this place that has been so conducive to stress (if you don’t remember, I come from Massachusetts which is luckily a convenient distance away). So that’s my excuse for not writing a post last week. Please forgive me, will ya?

With no planning ahead though, I dived back into a week full of excitement and special events because it was Brown’s 250th birthday! To be learning at an institution that has been alive for 250 years and made great strides in higher education makes me appreciate Brown even more; it makes me recognize that I am part of that ongoing change and history, of developing that Brown persona that emanates from every student here.

Furthermore, while I do blame Brown for my mental breakdown, the weekend’s events in honor of Brown’s 250th anniversary definitely cheered me up: waiting two hours to get  a slice of the 250th anniversary celebration cake which I have no shame for while being packed like sardines with the rest of the Brown population plus parents and ended up getting crumbles of a poorly cut cake, watching stellar fireworks that culminated into the bright display of “250” in front of University Hall, the wind symphony concert which made me nostalgic for my high school wind ensemble days, and a Caribbean soiree event from which I’ve taken a new liking to Caribbean music.

After such a fun weekend, I need to get back to work.

BUT SERIOUSLY: Brown, get at me!

Any questions or suggestions for my next post? Please send them my way at kimberly_truong@brown.edu. I’m happy to answer and heed to all of them!


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