Brown Threads: Gala


Ever wonder what college students wear to survive the temperamental New England weather in style? Not sure what to pack for college? Curious about the trends fashionable Brown students are trying out each season? Look no further! Brown Threads with Caitlin Meuser will feature weekly posts about the fashion seen on Brown University’s campus.

I’m sure that you have been to some sort of school dance of function before. You probably had to buy a nice outfit, find a new pair of shoes to match, scramble to get a date, and finally suffer through an hour of photos taken by your parents. Well, if you think that Brown Gala is similar because it is a school dance, you are much mistaken. Gala is an opportunity to dress up and have a great night dancing in a nice location with your friends. It’s a chance to get off campus and to admire your classmates in their black-tie attire.

So what do you wear to this Gala? Although it is a black-tie event, the choice is really up to you. Girls can wear long senior-prom type dresses, short cocktail dresses, or anything in between. Guys usually go in suits and ties, but some rent tuxes and get bowties to match their dates’ dresses. There really isn’t any strict dress code. This night is just a great opportunity to look nice and have fun with your friends.

The moral of this post is not to judge Gala before you go. Just because you had a bad time at your Junior High Semi Formal and have sworn off al subsequent school dances does not mean that you have to avoid Gala as well. It really is as casual or formal as you want it to be, and you don’t have to have a date in order to have a good time.

If you have any questions about the fashion at Brown or what to pack for life as a college student, please email me at


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