The Question: Where Else Can I Hear From Brown Students?

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Questions, of course, are what make life interesting.  The Question will give you weekly responses to any and every possible question there is about Brown!  With The Answer coming from freshman Emma Harris, be prepared to feel like you know Brunonia inside and out!

While the Bruin Club Blog is an excellent resource, it is definitely not the only place where you can get a taste of Brown!  There are TONS of publications on campus – some more formal, some more silly – with which you can see the personalities, views, and diversity that the Brown student body encompasses.  Here’s a list of sites to explore!  Also, side note, some of these are Brown/RISD collaborations.  And rest assured – this is not a complete list.  There are so many more publications to discover here on campus!

 The Brown Daily Herald

Brown’s daily newspaper, and The Herald is the only publication on campus that is financially independent from the University.  Take a look to find out what’s happening on campus and in Providence!

The Blog Daily Herald

This is Brown’s ultra-funny blog.  Complete with general advice, current news summaries, and cool things you shouldn’t miss on campus, the Blog is a must-read.

The College Hill Independent

A weekly publication, The Indy is more… Indy.  This paper houses more long-form journalism with a cooler demeanor and more esoteric subject matter than your average publication.

The Brown Political Review

Brown’s political journalism outlet!  Filled with lots of interesting interviews and political ideas, this publication is published four times a year.

The Brown Noser

Want to see how funny Brown’s students can be?  Head on over to this publication to read Brown’s satirical newspaper.

The Brown Jug

The Brown Jug is Brown’s oldest humor magazine.  It’s been around for almost 100 years!

Do you have any questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Possibly The Question for next week?  Shoot me an email at for answers!


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