The Extras: Carnival, Candyland, and the Class Coordinating Board


With 400 plus student groups and tons of events daily, how does a Brown student navigate life outside of the lecture hall? I’m Lily Hartmann, and I am the freshmen behind “The Extras”; the blog that aims to give you a glimpse into the most exciting and noteworthy activities on campus. Throughout the year this blog will give you snapshots of what Brunonians do when they aren’t hitting the books on College Hill!

There is some great events coming up at Brown in the next couple of months and guess who organizes them? None other than the Class Coordinating Boards. The goal of each class’s CCB is to unite each class and the entire undergraduate student body by planning and enacting social events throughout the year. They also work on forging connections with alumni and hope to make strong relationships between peers during each class’s time at Brown. There is a board for every class made up of six annually elected members. Although I have only been at Brown for two semesters, CCB plans some of the best events on campus. Here is a look at some of the events they planned for this year:


Free ice skating and hot chocolate were offered last week hosted by CCB ’17 in downtown Providence this past weekend.


CCB ’16 is bringing soft and cute animals to Wriston Quad next Monday. What more could we want?


CCB is hosting Moulin Rouge Annual Spring Gala on March 15, and already over 1,000 tickets have been sold. It’s like Brown University’s dance, and is supposed to be a great event. In December, CCB gave us a hall full of candy and treats for Candyland, and they will bring us Carnival on the Main Green during Spring Weekend. Heavy petting, Carnival, Candyland, and Gala are just a few perks of coming to Brown organized for us by the CCB! (Plus what college student doesn’t like free food!)

Have questions about a specific student group or event on campus? Want me to cover a specific topic in my next post? Feel free to shoot me an email at with any of your questions and comments.


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