The Weekly Brown Snapchat: Check Morning Mail


Can’t make it Brown’s beautiful campus? Want to see life at Brown through a student’s eyes? Look no further! Welcome to Weekly Brown Snapchat, a blog devoted to picturing (quite literally!) all that Brown has to offer. Follow senior Kimberly Takahata as she opens up her phone for your viewing pleasure.

Every morning at exactly 1:04am, every inbox on campus (and sometimes off) receives a particular email: Morning Mail. This message contains all the events occurring on campus that day as well as announcements for student groups, services, or opportunities.

This past week, I saw my friend saw an announcement about a book release. This book was written by a professor of social science, anthropology, and Italian studies, and a panel was set to review it that afternoon.

While the panel itself taught me fun factoids about Pope Pius XI and Mussolini, I was struck by the absence of students. Most people in the audience were professors, alumni, staff, and Providence locals who found out about the panel and decided to check it out.

So, this week, I impart a piece of wisdom: lots of cool things happen at Brown, whether that’s our Spring Weekend concerts, convocation, midnight organ concerts…but some of them aren’t so well known. If you do end up coming to Brown, read Morning Mail. You’ll find some enlightening opportunities.

Prefrosh! Brunonians! Have anything you’d like to see highlighted in the next weeks? Know any corny jokes? Email suggestions/comments/punchlines to


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