The Economista: Sunday Funday


Welcome to The Economista! – a blog for those looking to successfully enjoy their time at Brown while on a budget. Learn new tips each week from  freshman blogger Elliot Weiss as we embark on a journey of fiscal responsibility,  free meals (yes – there is such a thing as a free lunch!), and plenty of inexpensive fun. Cheers!

“Sundays are the worst,” my friends and I grumble every Sunday. Not only are we exceptionally tired from a busy weekend of socializing, working out, doing homework, and never ending chores (my laundry hamper only stays empty for about 10-20 minutes), we also experience a certain sense of true and utter boredom at the thought of going through another monotonous Sunday. While the exhaustion can be cured with a few extra REM cycles, surmounting our Sunday boredom requires much more help. So, without further adieu, here are some of my best (albeit not always super duper effective) and most cost efficient methods for curing a case of Sunday lethargy:

1. Try a new on campus eatery for lunch. While the Ratty is always a consistently tasty option, why not check out the Blue Room, Andrews Commons (also known by its street name, Aco), Jo’s, or the Ivy Room. These are all unique options to kill some time, grab some good grub, and do it all under your meal plan.

2. Walk around Fox Point. Just south (and slightly east) of campus is a cool little area of Providence called Fox Point. There are a ton of cool little bakeries, thrift shops, and novelty stores where you can get some really interesting products for very little cash. There are also some fantastic parks and paths that run right along the Providence river.

3. Read. Whether it’s your favorite novel that you brought with you to college, a new book that your friend got you, a free eBook on your fancy Kindle, or the nutritional facts on a Chobani yogurt (just kidding), reading can be a fun, enriching, attention consuming, intellectual, and, best of all, cheap (or even free) endeavor that will fill your Sunday with a sense of scholarly discovery and mental productivity.

4. Play a sport. Whether it’s 50 degrees and sunny or 5 degrees and snowy, there are a ton of sports facilities that are open to the entire Brown community for free (yes, there is such a thing as free court time) all day Sunday. Just be sure to reserve your court/field/arena/gym/rink/pool time in advance.

5. Recycle your stuff. Have too many shirts that never get worn and end up acquiring a pungent, dusty odor? Give them to a friend! Never use your blanket because you already have a super comfy comforter? Turn it into drapes or a bunch of wash cloths! Everything from old toiletries to slightly dirty kitchen wear to stale food products to unused floor lamps can be repurposed in an economic and environmental manner.

6. Talk to your parents. These days, most students have access to some sort of technology to communicate with family and friends back home, whether it’s by phone, Facetime, letter, or anything else. Chatting with your folks can be a great way to relieve some stress, show them how much they mean to you (especially if they are helping with tuition), tell them all about your misadventures in college, and learn about the comings and goings of their lives.

7. Listen to music. Relaxing to a playlist comprised of chill electronic music (such as, cool reggae (for example, old school rap (check out, or anything else that you’re into can be a great way to enjoy your Sunday afternoon. Plus, most music is now available for free online via sites such as Youtube, 8tracks, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

The next time you’re thinking to yourself “what can I do to relieve my chronic Sunday boredom?” be sure to look over some of these suggestions. You may just realize a whole new interest that you never knew that you had before. Happy Sunday everyone!

If you have any additional questions, comments, concerns, or mildly amusing jokes to tell, please feel free to email me at! Also, I always appreciate suggestions for future blog posts!


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