Hungry as a Bear: Outwitting Boredom


Be honest.  One of the things that scares you the most about going to college is not knowing what the food is like.  If you are worried about what you will be eating on campus once you arrive at Brown, look no further than Hungry As a Bear with Megan Kelly

I found myself circling the Ratty today hoping for something new and different and exciting to jump up in front of me. That didn’t happen. What did happen was I used my brain, approximately 90 extra seconds of my day, and one extra circle of the Ratty to create quite possibly the best panini I’ve ever had (if I do say so myself).

It’s easy to forget how many options actually exist here and get bored with the food. I love the pastas and the cereals and the soups and the salads and the veggie burgers, but after a few weeks, I’m usually ready for something besides the pastas and the cereals and the soups and the salads and the veggie burgers… I love to cook and I still try to every once in a while here (but it’s definitely harder to dedicate the time and money to cooking when I have a handy dandy meal swipe right around the corner). Luckily, the dining halls here give you enough options and tools to pretend cook, even when most of the work is already done for you. From panini presses to waffle machines, these dining halls have it all.

To help those of us less culinarily creative, our friends over at Ratty Gourmet have it covered. They’re always adding new, creative ways to “spice up” meals at the Ratty and V-dub. If you get a chance to visit and wind up in a dining hall, be sure to check out Ratty Gourmet before you come to give your taste of campus that extra kick.

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