Wise Fools: Brunch Off Campus!


Curious about sophomore life and learning at Brown? Here you hear about the best and worst parts of being a second year at Brown.  Follow a wise fool (from the Greek sophos or wise and moros or fool) and aspiring Classicist Hannah Liu around Brown and the surrounding area as she explores from a student’s point of view. 

Hi!  Welcome back to Wise Fools!  I’m really excited to be taking over this blog for Lizzy.  This blog is about the sophomore experience and Brown and I will endeavor to give you a real look at life here at Brown since we are older now, and have everything figured out!

Just Kidding.  Sophomores are certainly not the kings or queens of the (College) Hill – and though we love it here, we are still finding new places on campus and new fun things to do.  Hopefully I can communicate to you the depth of possible experiences to do here, and how AWESOME it is to be a sophomore (or a student in general) here at Brown!

For the most part, sophomores a little bit further from the center of campus in locations that are a bit quieter and closer to the great resources that Providence has to offer us.  Many sophomores are closer to Thayer Street and many, including myself, are closer to Wickenden Street.  Both are home to many different shops, but mostly they are home to awesome restaurants!  Thayer has more of the lunch/dinner food, and Wickenden is home to the café and brunch scene.

Today I had brunch with a friend of mine, and we felt like treating ourselves to a nice morning off campus and away from the Ratty (short for the Sharpe Refectory: the main dining hall).  In the past, I lived a 25-minute walk away from Wickenden Street, and it never seemed worth it to walk all the way down.  Now I live a 7-minute walk away from one of my favorite cafés and was easily able to have a great pancake breakfast with a good friend!  It’s these little perks and little places that make me feel much more at home here as a sophomore than I did as a first-year (though of course I loved it here the whole time!), and I certainly appreciate the chance to explore more this year.

What are some questions that you have about Brown?  Is there anything specific that you would like to read about in Wise Fools?  Please email me at Hannah_Liu@Brown.edu with any suggestions, comments, questions, or concerns!


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