Third World Center Perspectives: A Spotlight on the Brown Student Language Exchange

Click above to watch BSLE’s informational video!

Hello and welcome! We are Dolma Ombadykow and Olivia Veira. We’re both first years and will be blogging the Third World Center perspective for the Bruin Club blog this year! It’s going to be excellent.

Have you ever wanted to learn Kiswahili or Tamil? How about Dutch, Malay, or Serbo-Croatian? If you thought you’d never be able to learn the language of your dreams while at Brown, you thought wrong! The Brown Student Language Exchange is a student run, student taught program founded in 2011 with a mission to “heighten awareness of and engagement with underrepresented cultures.”

The semester-long “language projects” are taught by native-speaking Brown students with the goal of cultural exchange and participants consider themselves “architects in the expansion and renovation of Brown’s linguistic community.”

The BSLE is a branch of the Student Language Exchange, a nationwide organization. Each project is taught at the introductory level, and anyone can apply to take part!

More information can be found at BSLE’s website.

We will be co-blogging the first year, Third World Center perspective for the Bruin Club this year. If you have any questions or suggestions for what you’d like to see happen with our blog, please send us an email! We don’t bite (promise!).

We hope to hear from all of you!

Olivia & Dolma


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