The Question: What Am I Not Seeing?

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Questions, of course, are what make life interesting.  The Question will give you weekly responses to any and every possible question there is about Brown!  With The Answer coming from freshman Emma Harris, be prepared to feel like you know Brunonia inside and out!

Brand new tour guide at your service!  (And columnist… meaning that I am full of answers!)  Seeing as the tour can only cover so much in one hour, what gets left out of Brown’s beautiful campus?  Today I’m here to give you four cool, but maybe less common, spots.


Upper campus.  Pembroke is situated north of the Main Green – if you walk from the Campus Center up Brown Street and turn right on Meeting Street, you’ll find Pembroke Campus on your left!  The grounds of what used to be Brown’s sister school are filled with two eateries, some cool statues, freshman dorms, and a few halls with classrooms and auditoriums.  These greens are a little less frequented due to the walk, but hey, it’s not that far at all!  Plus, one of the eateries, Andrews Commons, just recently opened this semester.  But beware – don’t step on the Pembroke Seal (engraved in the ground at the top of the steps) – myth has it that your significant other will get pregnant or you will fail!

The OMAC (Olney-Margolies Athletic Center)

The Ittleson Quadrangle, north of the Main Green on Hope Street, is home to Brown’s athletic complexes.  Complete with a brand new statue of Bruno, our beloved brown bear, this quad houses the primary campus gym, aquatic center, athletic fields, the varsity conditioning center, and even an ice rink!  If you’re an athlete, be ready to frequent this quad – if you’re not, like me, you’ll probably come here every once in a while to see a soccer game or watch the Brown Band ice skate for an ice hockey game show (yea, it’s pretty cool).  But just to let you know, there are other satellite gyms and, of course, the Brown Stadium, which aren’t up by the OMAC.

List Art Center

One of Brown’s many creative outlets, the List Center is right behind the John Hay Library on College Street.  Filled with studios, classrooms, and auditoriums, this building is an art student’s dream.  There is usually some sort of student exhibition as well, and let me tell you, Brown students make great art!

Orwig Library

East of the Main Green at the corner of Hope and Young Orchard is Brown’s music library.  When students are looking for places to study off the beaten path, this is the place to go!  The beautiful architecture and gardens perfectly compliment the stacks of music inside.  Music classes and offices are also held in Orwig.

Do you have any questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Possibly The Question for next week?  Shoot me an email at for answers!

Editors Note: The original columnist with all the answers, Hannah Liu, hasn’t left the Bruin Club Blog – she’s just moved! Check out her giving the dish on sophomore life at Brown on Wise Fools. 


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