Music to My Ears: Chamber Music Performance

Music 1

Hey guys! I’m Eimi (pronounced ‘Amy’) and I’m a freshman concentrating in Linguistics and Education Studies. I co-write Music to My Ears with Deointe, and hopefully you’ll get to see the different facets that Brown’s music department has to offer from my perspective! 

‘I can’t, I’ve got rehearsal.’

It’s a phrase commonly uttered by anyone who’s been seriously involved with the performing arts: music, dance, theater, you name it. I don’t know how many times I said this yesterday to my dorm friends after they asked me to watch a movie or go out or just talk around the hours of 12-2 am. I’ve been awake since 9 am, and now I’m sitting in my chair (currently 12:30 pm) and pondering upon how nice it is outside because for once, it is not snowing, above 40 degrees, and warm in Providence. ‘Why Eimi? Why did you wake up so early on a Saturday?,’ you ask. Well, you guessed it; I had rehearsal.

Chamber Music Performance is not something every Brown student has the luxury of partaking in during their years at Brown. Although I like to think of it as one of my extracurriculars, it’s technically a half-credit course (MUSC 0680). I luckily became involved in Chamber Music through my Applied Music Program teacher who offered me a place in a quintet, but usually interested students must find a coach and other musicians to be in their group (many people I know in Chamber Music play as string quartets). At the end of the semester, the chamber music groups give a performance with students of the Applied Music Program that showcases their work.

Chamber Music has by far been one of the most gratifying experiences for me. I get to play in a setting different from a solo or orchestral performance with a tight-knit group of musicians who are just as passionate about music as I am. It is a big time commitment, and finding time to practice can get really difficult (case in point: my Schumann piano quintet group gets coached Wednesdays @ 8 am… yes, 8 am was the only time available for all of us to get together). Not only do we have coaching time, but our group also gets together separately from coaching to rehearse and practice on our own as a group. And not only that, but each player has to find individual time in his/her schedule to practice his/her respective part. But it is all so worth it in the end when the puzzle pieces fall together.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me at or comment below… I’ll be answering them here and who knows, you might get featured!


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