From Albania to Zimbabwe: Valentine’s at Brown

Feb 11 week

No matter where you are in the world, From Albania to Zimbabwe is the right place to find out about international happenings at Brown University! Hi, I’m Celina Stewart, a sophomore concentrating in International Relations here at Brown, and this is my space to give you updates and info about all things international at Brown, including international student life, international speakers, and different clubs and activities with an international focus. Read along and explore everything international at Brown! 

Sitting in the basement of my dorm, watching the Olympics with a couple friends, paper cup filled with coffee… and a stack of books on the couch next to me. On this Wednesday night (I know this will be posted on Friday, but… consistency) I only have one assignment due for the rest of the week: bliss.

As I begin to devolve from studying to viewing various social news sites (I’m looking at you, Buzzfeed quizzes), I briefly click over to Facebook and am assaulted with a barrage of pink and blue notifications in my events section- Valentine’s Day notifications. Not only this, but the weather segment on the TV has a huge, pulsating pink heart with sparkles in place of “Friday” on this week’s forecast. What’s up with this day?

When I walked into J. Walter Wilson to grab some mail before heading to class, I noticed several student groups sitting there with tables, beckoning me to send my lover (or friends! or secret crush! or ex-hookup’s roommate!) a “Singing-gram” in which an a cappella group will sing over the phone or in person; to send a flower; or to donate to charity (in the spirit of giving). Facebook notified me that there are a variety of Valentine’s themed events going on this weekend- everything from “We love being single” to “Anti-Valentine’s”.

A friend reminds me that come February 15, all the candy in CVS will be discounted. This is a significant piece of good news for those of us with a sweet tooth.

I think that most of the hype relating to Valentine’s Day is of course rooted in the fun of the holiday: who doesn’t like getting asked out to a Ratty-date, or better yet, actually going off campus to eat? Even if you aren’t in a relationship or looking for one, many friends take the time to celebrate in small ways. This is not to mention the cost-free ways of celebrating, such as walking around campus, going to a free performance, or watching a movie in your own room. Or, if all else fails, spend the night with your home team watching the Olympics (I love the Olympics- literally every night from 8pm-1:05am, I’m in the lounge watching).

If you haven’t participated in Valentine’s Day, never fear! You’ll get a good taste for it, whether you choose to play into the Hallmark aspects, the romanticism, choose to try something new, or take a chance on someone you’ve been wishing to, or simply to reject the notion of the Valentine’s Day. Whatever your fancy, you do you and Brown will welcome it!

I chose a picture of locks on a bridge that was taken in Prague, Czech Republic, for this week’s picture. The locks usually have initials or names on them, to symbolize the love shared between the two people wishing to commemorate their experience on the bridge. As you can see, this is a popular bridge. However, I saw locks like this in Amsterdam, Berlin, and other areas of Prague and thought that the tradition was neat and incredibly romantic.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Do you have questions about Valentine’s Day at Brown? Do you have a neat tradition rooted in love? Let me know!

Have  questions or comments? Feel free to email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Or, if you’d rather, just comment on the blog! 


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