Student Highlight: Chloe Kibble ’17

Chloe Kibble

Hi everyone, I’m Andrew Linder from Lancaster, PA.  I’m a first-year at Brown, currently undecided in terms of what I want to concentrate in. Each week I will highlight a new student who I think shows what this university is all about. There is no “typical Brown student” so through this column I hope to introduce you to some of the awesome people who go to this awesome school.  I’m excited to try to help you get a feel for who Brown students really are!

Name: Chloe Kibble

Year: 2017

Hometown: Nashville (Music City)

Favorite class: Critical Mixed Race Studies of the 21st Century

Something interesting about yourself: I played on an all boys baseball team when I was 5…? Oh, and I cosplay.

Things you’re involved with on campus: Impulse Dance Co., Higher Keys, JCA, ADOCH Unit Rep, (occasional f@b (Fashion@Brown) model)

Best part about Brown: There really is so much wiggle room to do whatever you want. I feel the right amount of encouragement to get involved with as much as I would love to be a part of, and to experiment with as many classes and subjects that spark my interest.

Why you chose Brown: The people, by far.

Ratty or Vdub? Eep, I feel obligated to say Ratty since I’m literally right next to it, but– as everyone has said at some point in time– the food quality is so much better at the Vdub. Also who can resist CFF (Chicken Finger Friday) & waffles? (Don’t worry Ratty, you still have a special place in my heart on Sunday afternoons)

SciLi or The Rock? Team Rock! For working at least. It’s cold so I can’t sleep, those cubicles are the perfect form of isolation,  and I feel bad for even typing too loudly (however, that alarm that goes off at 1:45/2:00 am is going to give me a heart attack).

Have any questions for me or for anyone interviewed in this column? Email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


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