Brown Greens: Ivy League Vegan Conference


Once a year, students from different Ivy League schools convene at the Ivy League Vegan Conference.  Follow Adam Horowitz on Brown Greens for weekly updates on vegetarianism and veganism at Brown.

The Ivy League Vegan Conference 2014 was held this past weekend at Princeton.  The event featured many inspiring guest speakers and covered a wide variety of topics, such as the contribution of animal agriculture to global warming as well as the many health benefits of a plant-based diet.  The keynote presentation was delivered by Breeze Harper, a research fellow at UC Davis.  She spoke about the black, feminist perspective on race, gender, and embodiment in vegan politics.

The first day was focused on business, and the speakers included small, vegan business owners, such as Michael Schwartz, owner of Gardener Cheese Company, and Shane Emmett, CEO of Health Warrior, as well as David  Benzaquen, CEO of Plant Based Solutions, LLC (a vegan marketing and management company) and Jody Rasch, who heads the Social Performance Group at Moody’s Corporation.

The second day began with a lecture by Dr. Michael Greger illustrating the relationship between a whole-foods plant-based diet and the reversal of many diseases, especially heart disease.  According to Dr. Greger, heart disease need not even occur if we are plant-based, aside from a few rare, genetic cases.  Additional speakers spoke about climate change, global diet, animal rights, and many more interesting topics.  Students, faculty, alumni, and guests all came together to learn about the ill effects of eating animals.

The Ivy League Vegan Conference also launched the first edition of its annual journal.  Everyone was thrilled with the conference and I, personally, am already looking forward to attending next year.

For any other questions, feel free to to, the current co-president of the Brown Veg Society.


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