Bench Press: Hibernation Woes


Welcome to Bench Press! My name is Lainie Rowland and I’m the starting quarterback on the football team, like to run marathons during my free time, and am currently in the process of qualifying for the Rio Olympics as a competitive ping pong player. I’m kidding, of course, but I do love sports and Brown, so I’m really excited to write about a combination of the two this year. 

Bears hibernate during the winter. Sometimes, I think we all wish we could too. It’s cold and dark out and that can make it really hard to get out of bed. Being active becomes a struggle, especially as you start to wane on your attempts to keep up with New Years’ resolutions. February is a time between a lot of sports seasons and doesn’t offer many easy, inexpensive ways to get active outside. I always encountered this problem before college and often was at a loss as to how to fix it (especially because I was never willing to pay for an overpriced gym membership). However, here are some activities I’ve found at Brown that can help counteract the hibernation woes!

1. Intramural Inner Tube Water Polo – is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a great way to have fun, watch your friends look ridiculous, be on a team, and get a workout (how effective this workout is is something I’m not yet sure of)

2. Sunday Night Climbing – is offered on a weekly basis by the Brown Outing Club and is relatively cheap, especially if you go regularly. It’s definitely a different kind of workout.

3. The gyms are still open… – you’ll just need to start motivating yourself differently to get to them. Invest in some warm sweats for the chilly walk to the gym and reap the rewards.

3a. Sign up for exercise classes. The pass is a great deal and allows you to take advantage of the many activities that Brown offers in a group instructional setting. The instructors are also great motivators.

4. Yoga – instead of the treadmill day after day, try a more relaxing physical activity. I’m sure we all know about the benefits of yoga, especially that, at Brown, it’s free!

5. Swim laps – Brown has one of the nicest swimming pools ever. It would be a waste to never experience it’s beauty. It’s open for free swim at specific hours (they change sometimes, depending on when our swim team practices).

This list could go on forever and I’m sure there are options out there that I haven’t even heard of yet. However, I think I’ve made it clear that there’s always reason and means to stay active at Brown

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Need a pen pal? Shoot me an email at And I’m not just saying that, I would genuinely love to hear from you!

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