Wise Fools: Pets in College

2013-10-07 00.18.22

Hey I’m Lizzy Banta and this year I’m going to try to supply you with a sophomore perspective on life here at Brown! This column Wise Fools is a play on the etymology of “sophomore” coming from the Greek σωφοσ meaning ‘wise’ and μοροσ meaning ‘foolish’ (sorry for the vocabulary lesson, but I’m a Classics concentrator and couldn’t resist).

Coming back to school after winter break is one of the better parts of college. You’ve just spent about a month curled up at home with your Netflix account (or your friend’s Netflix account) being force fed all the time by your parents to the point where you were almost constantly in a food coma. You’ve done a fair amount of vegetating, which you convinced yourself was all because you needed to recover from finals. By the time the end of January roles around heading back to school is a welcome sight as you look forward to reuniting with all of your friends. Furthermore, you’re probably pretty ready to get away from your family after being cooped up with them for the past few weeks. Really the only downside to coming back is having to say goodbye to your furry friends at home.

One of the saddest parts of college is not being able to cuddle up with your beloved dog, cat, gerbil, hamster, rabbit, chinchilla, etc. on a daily basis. You start to miss the love you get from those fluffy buddies and all the stories and snuggles you’ve shared together. If you’re like me and really desire the affection for a pet, or the responsibility of taking care of something, you can always get a fish or some other aquatic animal. I love my fish, Byron, and we share some great times together, but it is still always hard being away from the family pet.

If you have any questions, comments, or cool language facts please feel free to e-mail me at elizabeth_banta@brown.edu. Suggestions for what you want to hear about from a sophomore perspective are much appreciated!


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