The Economista: Welcome Back


Welcome to The Economista! – a blog for those looking to successfully enjoy their time at Brown while on a budget. Learn new tips each week from  freshman blogger Elliot Weiss as we embark on a journey of fiscal responsibility,  free meals (yes – there is such a thing as a free lunch!), and plenty of inexpensive fun. Cheers!

Hi everyone and welcome to second semester! For all of my dedicated readers who were anxiously waiting for my next blog post, relief is finally here! So, as a whole new slew of second semester courses and revamped activities start up, it’s time to talk about a favorite topic of mine – saving money on campus.

As soon as I stepped into my dorm and collapsed into the open arms of my roommate (it was really more of a handshake-hug), I noticed that my living space was in grave need for some serious renovation. The first and most prominent thing that I noticed was the musty, moldy smell of a room full of dirty clothing that had been untouched for over a month. So I quickly raced over to CVS to purchase some air freshener and within minutes (yes, I am one of the lucky few students here to live right next to CVS) the room smelled of lavender. Next, I felt a sharp grumble in my stomach – a whole day of travel really generates an appetite. I scooted over to my fridge, but, as expected, it was empty (we threw away all of our food right before break for obvious reasons). So once again, I eagerly galloped over to CVS to purchase some granola bars and goldfish. Finally settled into the room, my roommate and I decided to kick back with an ice cold can of root beer. Within minutes, though, catastrophe struck in the form of a small, yet noticeable spill. Unfortunately, we were out of paper towels (of course), so I took out my RipStik and rode over to CVS for an emergency roll of Bounty brand paper towels. Once I got back to the room, I quickly cleaned up the mess and continued with my night.

In my brief back time back on campus, I’ve learned many valuable lessons about planning and spending. First and foremost, for both economic and practical reasons, always wait to shop when you know everything (or at least almost everything) that you need to buy. Often times, stores (such as CVS) have special deals on products bought in bundles/combos. Further, take some time the next time that you are at your convenience store of choice to look into entering some sort of cardholder and/or coupon system. I would later find out that I could’ve gotten one of those emergency items for free if I had a CVS card with me. From now on, the first thing I do at a store that I often frequent is spend a few minutes planning out exactly how to shop the most efficiently and get the most value out of the small amount of money that I’m willing to spend.

Well, that’s all for now everyone! I cannot express in actions or words (or even inappropriately placed emoticons -_-) how happy I am to be back on campus, spending time with friends, learning new subjects, and shopping at CVS (half joking). There is no better place to be than Brown, and I hope that you continue to follow my experiences and advices (not to mention my terrific jokes) over the course of second semester. Talk to you again next week!

If you have any additional questions, comments, concerns, or mildly amusing jokes to tell, please feel free to email me at! Also, I always appreciate suggestions for future blog posts!


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