Life Abroad: Welcome Back to London!

london rain

Hello everyone!

My name is Dan Audette, and I am a junior economics concentrator here at Brown. On campus, I am a tour guide, info session leader, Meiklejohn peer advisor, and instructor in an elementary school program run through the Swearer Center for Public Service, among other things. For about the next nine months, I will be posting this year about my life abroad at the London School of Economics as a part of the column “Life Abroad”!

I returned to London a few weeks ago after a very snowy and cold time back home in New England, and although my return was not as romantic as these, I am so happy to be back. One of the perks of spending my entire year abroad is that I got to go home and be with my family for the holidays, but am now back in the UK for the next 4 and a half months or so!

Another great thing about being here for a year is that I am fully immersed in student life on campus. I am a member of numerous societies, including the Music, Economics, Finance, and Drama societies. I will even be in a Drama Society production of Pygmalion in a few weeks. I feel like this is something you only really get through a full year program, so I would advise anyone looking at study abroad programs to consider a full year.


This Saturday, a friend and I braved the rain and the crowds and walked down the South Bank until we reached Borough Market. This is an amazing food market with fruits, vegetables, meats, and prepared foods from so many different cultures. After exploring for a bit and doing some shopping, we stopped at the Pieminister stand for some delicious meat pies.


After Borough Market, we headed to the Tate Modern, an amazing modern art museum in London. Like all museums in London, it is free to enter! The artists featured in the museum range from Monet to Picasso to Pollock, and many more in between. All in all, it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

That is all for now, but next week I will post about my recent trip to Paris!!!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Dan Audette


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