Bench Press: And We’re Back


Welcome to Bench Press! My name is Lainie Rowland and I’m the starting quarterback on the football team, like to run marathons during my free time, and am currently in the process of qualifying for the Rio Olympics as a competitive ping pong player. I’m kidding, of course, but I do love sports and Brown, so I’m really excited to write about a combination of the two this year. 

A lot happened over break, especially concerning Brown sports teams. They competed, traveled, and trained — most teams did a little bit of each. Now that we’re back on campus, the spectators can witness the hard work that athletes at Brown have put into their respective sports. Just from the games I’ve attended since I’ve been back, it’s clear that the Bears never stopped working hard and that it has paid off.

The athletics department, in the welcome back hype, has been handing out free t-shirts again and really promoting our very successful teams. Since coming back from break, the men’s basketball team has not dropped a game, picking up three Ivy wins. Men’s hockey has picked up new momentum, beating top ranked teams like Colgate and Yale, and giving the Big Red of Cornell a run for their money in one of the most exciting hockey games I’ve ever watched. Members of the track and field team have set record times within the Ivy League and women’s tennis bounced back after a disappointing loss. Our gymnastics and ski teams are on a roll, too.

A little further from campus, the Super Bowl also happened (for those of you who missed it), which provided athletic enthusiasts here a different kind of chance to tune in to a sporting event. For those prospective students for whom football is a staple of life, Brown definitely has a place for you. Students gathered everywhere on Sunday night to watch the big game. There was even free food (wings and pizza!) in the campus center, where the game was shown on a projector screen. Looking forward, the Olympics also bode well for spectators at Brown, as several student groups plan to host their own viewing parties and events. I personally am so interested in sports because of how they bring people together. The performance of Brown athletics teams, as well as the occurrence of recent major sporting events just shows how strong that community is here.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Need a pen pal? Shoot me an email at And I’m not just saying that, I would genuinely love to hear from you!


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