A Fresh View: Going (Back) to College


Hello, Brown hopefuls! My name is Kimberly Truong and I am the awkward (but utterly thrilled) first-year behind A Fresh View. With that big question mark hovering over where you’ll be spending the next four years of your life, rest assured that this freshman will tell you her experience as she stumbles through the wonderful world of Brown.

There is a feeling of reassurance when you step back on campus and your name tag is still taped on the door, staking out your territory on Brown grounds (“This is MY room!”).

Gone are those awkward freshman moments. No more asking for directions to class. No more gawky introductions with other gawky freshmen (Orientation Committee, how dare you forced to use our less-than-gregarious instincts as college freshmen while enticing us with ice cream? You wouldn’t understand how crucial it was to get the same ice cream as the person you’re trying to be friends with.)

And while this quality is something to revel in about—some things simply don’t change during the year, the college experience isn’t so much stagnant as it is spontaneous.

I’m taking different classes this semester, and as a Keeneyite, I’m still meeting new people outside wandering the halls and lounges. It’s also never too late to join a club, latch onto another extracurricular, or create your own—and meet more people in the process.

My first semester was a period of adjustment and unrealistic expectations. I didn’t get things I applied for. I didn’t think I fitted into the groups of people I wanted to be friends with. I didn’t get the grades I wanted (or kind of assumed I would get). Plus, I didn’t get involved in many activities as I had hoped.

Second semester, I’m ready to learn and grow from that experience.

Because the blog is just starting up again, I would like to know some of the topics you are interested in reading more about for this column. What is something you would like me to thoroughly discuss about second semester? Shoot me an email!

Any questions or suggestions for my next post? Please send them my way at kimberly_truong@brown.edu. I’m happy to answer and heed to all of them!


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