Office Hour: Shopping Period

Welcome to Office Hour, where Natasha Bluth, a Brown University Junior concentrating International relations and Slavic studies interviews a different professor each week. You are cordially invited to delve into Brown’s sixty-three departments and meet the crème de la crème of academicians.

You don’t have to look far to grasp what makes Brown such a unique school. Its striking campus, unparalleled emphasis on interdisciplinary education and the energy one feels walking through campus is proof that as an academic institution, Brown is incomparable as a school.  

One thing that struck me while studying abroad last semester was the homesickness I felt prodding my psyche – not necessarily for my hometown or my native country, but for my school. While each semester lasts fifteen weeks – only 105 days – it would be unsuitable not to call College Hill my home. Yes, it was a sigh of relief not to devote so much time to classwork, to write so many papers, to spend so many hours at my laptop. But the bubble of Brown University is an exceptional watering hole of great minds.

To put it simply, I missed its people.

Of course, friends were a large part of this, but what about the ever-charming José B. at the Ratty? The advisor that navigates me through a labyrinth of muddled administrative regulations? And what about the professors for whom I will voluntarily wake up for an 8:30 a.m. class?

Those professors deserve some recognition. And with Brown’s open curriculum, each student is sent an unlimited invitation to dip his or her toes into a new department at leisure. So here’s my invitation to you: in this post, I’ll provide you each week with a glimpse into the life and work of a different Brown professor. Please comment or email with any suggestions of people or departments that capture your interest; I’ll be happy to fulfill requests. This semester, shopping period lasts 105 days. Stay tuned.

Questions, comments, concerns? Email Natasha Bluth at  for more information. 


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