From Albania to Zimbabwe: Illumination


No matter where you are in the world, From Albania to Zimbabwe is the right place to find out about international happenings at Brown University! Hi, I’m Celina Stewart, a sophomore concentrating in International Relations here at Brown, and this is my space to give you updates and info about all things international at Brown, including international student life, international speakers, and different clubs and activities with an international focus. Read along and explore everything international at Brown! 

Welcome back, everyone! It’s been a long break, but here’s to a new semester, pending admission decisions, and most of all, the return of my excellent mixed metaphors (I know you missed them!) intermixed with a plethora of new and anecdotal information about international life at the snow-covered Brown University.

My theme for this post is illumination- yep, I’m getting deep on the first post back. I feel like the holidays are a time when people bring out candles, gather by fireplaces (not everywhere, but I enjoyed a fire or too), and when twinkling lights become a fixture of buildings everywhere, regardless of holiday or religious affiliation (my personal favorites are the little twinkling icicles- keep it classy with the non-colored ones, right?). In the early dusk here in Providence, street lamps allow pedestrians a warm light by which to move between places. The streetlamp pictured above is located on the Main Green, just in front of Salomon Center. These lights line the Main Green, helping students see their way in the impending 5:00pm darkness that encases Brown’s campus.

Illumination also serves as a great segue to what I hope this blog provides to you- highlights of different opportunities and parts of life here on campus so you can make the best choice for yourself about your college applications. Maybe you’ve already applied, sent in your regular admission application, and eagerly await the release of that knot in the pit of your stomach. Don’t worry- when all the wait-listing is over, acceptances are in, and tears over rejection are shed, you’ll feel better. Maybe you already know that you’ve gotten in to Brown and plan on attending- welcome! This is where you can find out all sorts of information about international life through interviews and coverage of events on campus (not to mention get your fill of mixed metaphors for the semester).

With that being said, is there anything you’d like me to cover that you feel you haven’t seen in this blog or even in other parts of the blog? Let me know your thoughts and questions about life at Brown, and I’ll try my best to cover whatever questions you might have!

With that, stay bright and embrace the light, no matter how dark it gets outside.

Have  questions or comments? Feel free to email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! Or, if you’d rather, just comment on the blog! 


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