From the Editors: Winter Break!

Brown University in the snow

To our wonderful blog readers,

As you can probably tell from the sheer magnitude of posts talking about finals, we just finished our finals period here at Brown, and now are on our month long (much deserved, if I do say so myself) Winter Break! That means that we won’t be back to posting until the first week of February – but never fear! Since we know you all are still frantically completing applications until that January 1st deadline, you can always shoot the Bruin Club an email at and I will make sure it gets answered promptly and thoroughly.

The bloggers and I wish you all a fantastic holiday, and we hope that even if you are the frantic application finisher, you do give yourself some time to enjoy the festivities, your family, or even just a time to relax!

Best of luck with everything! Until February…

Ever true,