On The Brown Low: Ice Skating

My two friends, Josette and Helen, ready for a night of fun on the ice!
My two friends, Josette and Helen, ready for a night of fun on the ice!

Wondering what Providence has to offer? Curious as to where to find the best off-campus entertainment? Well, lucky for you, On The Brown Low, will give you just that! Isabelle Edwards, a native Rhode Islander, will show you the best spots to grab a bite to eat, find fun activities, or just kick around! Stay tuned!

It’s that time of the year again! Here in Providence it has really started to feel like a winter wonderland! Snow is falling, holiday music is blasting, everyone is bundled up in their scarves, mittens, and hats…it’s wonderful! So what is the best winter-wonderland activity to celebrate the (almost) end of finals period? Ice skating, of course!

Helen, Josette, and me, ready for a night of fun on the ice!
Helen, Josette, and me, ready for a night of fun on the ice!

Kennedy Plaza, the nexus of Rhode Island’s public transit services, also contains the Providence Rink, where you can go to ice skate your heart out! Luckily, Kennedy Plaza is only a 10-minute walk from campus and every in-bound bus leaving from Thayer street is guaranteed to stop at KP, so you can save yourself the walk! (Remember, Brown students ride the RIPTA for free!)

On Wednesday night, I went ice skating with my friends Helen and Josette! We went during the College Night Special, which means that from 6-10 PM, with your college ID, everything was half-off! These types of specials are held throughout the winter, so make sure to check in with the Providence Rink’s schedule to plan when to go!

Being on the ice was so much fun! Both Josette and I were beginners, so we initially wobbled around and clung to the wall, but by the end of the night, we didn’t need to use the wall for support at all! And neither of us fell! Helen, of course, was an ice-skating pro and skated circles around us…literally.

photo 3

All in all it was a great night! So if you’re looking for something to fun to do to take a break from finals…go ice skating! Until next time!

Is there something I haven’t covered? Heard of a cool place in Rhode Island but haven’t seen a post about it yet? Email me your suggestions and questions at Isabelle_Edwards@brown.edu!


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