The Weekly Brown Snapchat: President Paxson


Can’t make it Brown’s beautiful campus? Want to see life at Brown through a student’s eyes? Look no further! Welcome to Weekly Brown Snapchat, a blog devoted to picturing (quite literally!) all that Brown has to offer. Follow senior Kimberly Takahata as she opens up her phone for your viewing pleasure.

The week before Thanksgiving, President Paxson came to speak to the campus tour guides, science tour guides, and information session leaders. The coordinators were able to book her time by stopping by her monthly office hours, time when the administration literally opens their doors to the students quick enough to sign up for a slot. Want to make tea with President Paxson? Discuss campus on-goings? Bring your water boiler and some tea bags, and keep an eye out around campus for signs advertising her open hours.

Prefrosh! Brunonians! Have anything you’d like to see highlighted in the next weeks? Know any corny jokes? Email suggestions/comments/punchlines to


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