Music to My Ears: The Queen Returns!


What’s good y’all!? My name is Deionte Appling, sophomore class of 2016 here at Brown, and I’m a music and psychology concentrator. Fun Facts: I sing in chorus, I occasionally perform operas with Brown Opera Productions, and I love Robert Plant! Music to My Ears is the prospective student’s gateway to the life of music at Brown, and I’ll attempt to show you the ins and outs of our music department to the best of my knowledge!

Beyonce has returned! Literally overnight, Beyonce released a new “visual” LP, showcasing a wide variety of music styles accompanied by a world of amazingly artistic music videos.  A combination of Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, a fairly poor Artpop, and a 2+ year hiatus made this return seem long overdue.

What does this, besides her ruling the world, have to do with Brown?” Well, a lot actually.  It is currently “hell” period, aka finals.  With Thanksgiving being nearly in December this year (but actually), Reading Period was here before we knew it.  Then it was paper, paper, problem set, blah, blah, exam… BEYONCE!? It was astounding how the release of her eponymous new album, Beyonce, removed everyone from studying and lethargy and placed them in amazement.  Just when everyone was about to throw in the towel, BEY SAVES THE DAY! She provided the motivation everyone needed to to fight through until the end.  

I suggest everyone listens to this album to get them through the end of this year (2013 was honestly not the easiest). And, as the Holidays are chugging along, this would make a great gift for those you actually like.

I woke up like this!

PS: I didn’t wake up like this, because I didn’t wake up, because I didn’t sleep…

For those of you tickled by curiosity, would like to express your love for me, or simply want to chat about any and all things music, please feel free to email your questions or comments to and I’ll get back ‘atcha ASAP!


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