Hungry as a Bear: Final Stretch



Be honest.  One of the things that scares you the most about going to college is not knowing what the food is like.  If you are worried about what you will be eating on campus once you arrive at Brown, look no further than Hungry As a Bear with Megan Kelly

We’re here, we’ve almost made it, finals period! Finals are stressful and studying takes a lot of time away from sleeping, but Brown is always looking out for it’s students and making sure we’re eating enough even if we’re not sleeping. Between Pizza Nights in the different libraries to the infamous Naked Donut Run to random donuts that show up in libraries from fully-clothed people to a plethora of events dedicated to decorating and eating cookies and an Extreme Gingerbread House Competition, the food on campus for the past week and a half has been a pleasant surprise in the middle of the stress and anxiety and exhaustion that is reading and finals period.

I personally am a stress baker, so I’ll not tell you the number of 4 AM batches of brownies I’ve made in the past ten days or the number of brownies I’ve eaten in the past ten days. The great part about finals is that no one cares what you look like, no one judges you for odd meal choices (pasta and peanut butter, seriously I saw that), and you find new friends that are also stress bakers and come to the kitchen at 4 AM!

Don’t stress the finals. The stress will find you when the time is right, and with that stress will come glorious food and gluttony.

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