The Weekly Brown Snapchat: Finals Delirium


Can’t make it Brown’s beautiful campus? Want to see life at Brown through a student’s eyes? Look no further! Welcome to Weekly Brown Snapchat, a blog devoted to picturing (quite literally!) all that Brown has to offer. Follow senior Kimberly Takahata as she opens up her phone for your viewing pleasure.

Well, folks, it’s that time of year: the dreaded finals period (technically still reading period, but papers are due, so it feels like finals period). At the end of every semester, Brown gives us a few days to about a week for reading period, the time when most classes stop meeting, and you read all of the chapters you didn’t  finish during the school year. Libraries and dining halls extend their hours, your sleeping schedule stretches, and Netflix accounts are suddenly useful. Then finals begin, followed by our 4.5-week winter break.

Wish us luck. We wish you all the best with your applications!

Prefrosh! Brunonians! Have anything you’d like to see highlighted in the next weeks? Know any corny jokes? Email suggestions/comments/punchlines to


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