Student Highlight: Alissa Rhee ’16


Hi everyone, I’m Andrew Linder from Lancaster, PA.  I’m a first-year at Brown, currently undecided in terms of what I want to concentrate in. Each week I will highlight a new student who I think shows what this university is all about. There is no “typical Brown student” so through this column I hope to introduce you to some of the awesome people who go to this awesome school.  I’m excited to try to help you get a feel for who Brown students really are!

Name: Alissa Rhee

Year: 2016

Hometown: Aurora, CO

Favorite class: Not surprisingly, I’ve really enjoyed Cities of Sound because it explores music, cities and people, all of which are endlessly interesting. We have stellar listening homework, featuring RunDMC, Donna Summer, and Jackson 5. Professor Zipp is also a great lecturer and isn’t afraid to speak candidly with us.

Something interesting about yourself: I had a stocking holder fall and cut my forehead and later on a separate occasion, got a bead stuck in my nose. I accomplished a lot before I turned 8.

Things you’re involved with on campus: I am a part of the Brown Women’s Volleyball Club and A Day On College Hill (ADOCH, Brown’s accepted student event) planning committee. I plug a lot of things on Facebook (sorry, FB friends). I also work in the Annual Fund, which has allowed me to gain an appreciation for all the work that goes into sustaining the University year-to-year.

Best part about Brown: The community. Whether I’m ridiculously happy or struggling hard, there’s always someone else experiencing some of those same things with me and it’s really comforting. There are also a grip of passionate, goal-oriented, and multi-talented people here. I’m always awed by my peers and the things they do and will continue to do post-Brown.

Why you chose Brown: When I visited my cousin who went here, she told me that she and all of her friends loved it and didn’t want to graduate. Between the love students have for the school and the flexibility of open curriculum, I knew I would be happy at Brown.

Ratty or Vdub?: Ratty, there are more booths.

SciLi or The Rock?: I’m currently (and usually) in the SciLi… it’s so close to where I live, I can’t pass up on the convenience.

Have any questions for me or for anyone interviewed in this column? Email me at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!



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