A Fresh View: 5 Things about Admissions

Outside the snow falls

Hello, Brown hopefuls! My name is Kimberly Truong and I am the awkward (but utterly thrilled) first-year behind A Fresh View. With that big question mark hovering over where you’ll be spending the next four years of your life, rest assured that this freshman will tell you her experience as she stumbles through the wonderful world of Brown.

Finals week is here! While I’m bogged down by all the papers, projects, and studying I have to do, I’ve procrastinated  taken some time to offer some advice for admissions. Grades might reflect how well I’ve tackled this semester, but finding out where you’ll be in the next four years and where you’ll be happy is a big deal. Here are five helpful tips that got me through the applications process and senior year:

(1)    Apply to a wide variety of schools. Divide your list of schools into likely’s, possible’s, and reaches.

(2)    Have a couple of people who know you as a student and person to read your college essay. Consider their comments and suggestions, but don’t let them edit out your own voice.

(3)    Pursue your passions. Find a related project to immerse yourself in.

(4)    Read more. Watch good movies. Be well-read and aware of *adult* issues (gasp)

(5)    Have some faith. Where you envision yourself the next four years may not be where you end up. Whatever happens, stay open-minded.

Best of luck!

Any questions or suggestions for my next post? Please send them my way at kimberly_truong@brown.edu. I’m happy to answer and heed to all of them!


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