Blog Side Manner: Back to the Application Process Part I


Hey guys! I’m Eimi (pronounced ‘Amy,’ for those of you who were on the verge of calling me ‘Eemee’) and I’m the writer in charge of Blog Side Manner for the Bruin Club Blog. This column explores the perspective of  a PLME student and takes into account how his/her academic life may or may not differ from that of a typical Brown student. Here’s the catch… I’m not a PLME.

The early decision results date approaches, but the admissions office isn’t resting; they’ve got another pile of applications to tackle for regular decision applicants. That’s why PLME application advice is back with Dolma Ombadykow, a freshman PLME from the Fairbanks, Alaska. She’s thinking of concentrating in Anthropology or Ethnic Studies and is involved in the Undergraduate Council of Students and the Bruin Club Blog.

E: What advice would you give prospective students on the PLME application?
D: Be yourself and edit your essays. Also, it doesn’t hurt to make sure you have a genuine interest in medicine and pursuing it as a career. As cheesy as it sounds, Brown is a place full of hypercreative individuals, and PLME is no exception. Make a point to express what makes you unique — this will make for a much more honest application, and probably a more interesting one, as well. 
E: Why did you ultimately choose Brown’s PLME program? 
D: I applied and was accepted to the PLME program under the Early Decision application process. I’ve always known that I wanted to go into medicine in one form or another, and I had just spent seven weeks on campus taking classes through Summer@Brown, so I knew that Brown and Providence were the right fit for me. The decision was one of easiest I’ve ever made.
E: How are you liking the PLME experience so far?
D: PLME is great–it really helps you find your footing at Brown. You are automatically built into this micro community that is the PLME and your advisor and your mieklejohns (most students get one or two, we get five) really are there to help however they can. Your advising group becomes your family in the sense that you are always guaranteed a smiling face at the Ratty or while crossing the Main Green. Within the first few weeks of the semester, my advising group went on a rowing trip! Also, the opportunities we have are endless — from taking preclinical electives at the medical school to going to talks from neurosurgeons and other physicians, PLME really helps to expose you to what practicing medicine is like.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me at or comment below… I’ll be answering them here and who knows, you might get featured!


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