Music to My Ears: Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments (MEME)

my rig

What’s good y’all!? My name is Deionte Appling, sophomore class of 2016 here at Brown, and I’m a music and psychology concentrator. Fun Facts: I sing in chorus, I occasionally perform operas with Brown Opera Productions, and I love Robert Plant! Music to My Ears is the prospective student’s gateway to the life of music at Brown, and I’ll attempt to show you the ins and outs of our music department to the best of my knowledge!

One popular track within Brown’s music department is the Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments track, or MEME, which is, simply put, an in depth study and understanding of electronic music. The opportunities that result from this track are astounding. You have access to many types of resources that many departments can’t, such as highly prominent speakers. This is a result of this field being so fresh and relevant in today’s times.

Studying MEME is just like any other track in the music department, basically meaning you start by taking MUSC0550-0560, and go from there. The general idea of this concentration is to develop a firm understanding of computer music, production, and electronic art and use the skills from each aspect to form individual ideas. Most concentrators are also musicians of some sort (although I doubt it’s required) and are supposed to develop keyboard skills (which will inevitably be a result of completing Theory of Tonal Music (0550-0560). Concentrators also have access to Granoff, which is one of Brown’s newest most up to date buildings equipped with a full recording studio with all the bells and whistles. It also houses the showcasing of the final projects of students in some of the computer music courses. Many students use this knowledge and these resources to test their skills as modern day musicians and/or producers etc.

For those of you tickled by curiosity, would like to express your love for me, or simply want to chat about any and all things music, please feel free to email your questions or comments to and I’ll get back ‘atcha ASAP!

If it ain’t Baroque…


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