From the Editors: Giving thanks!


Hello Everyone!

My name is Emily Schell and I’m the editor of this year’s Bruin Club Blog! You might remember me from my work with the “Fresh View” column last year, or maybe you just remember my bad jokes wonderful, enlightening statements… That said, this year I’m a sophomore, still writing for the Bruin Club (with just a little more responsibility), and still very happy to introduce you to the amazing institution that is Brown University! Throughout the year, I’ll be posting about cool things I see happening on campus, my take on certain comings-and-goings at Brown, or whatever else I feel like talking about! ☺

“Giving thanks for what?” you might ask. My answer is pretty simple: for going to school in such a beautiful city (cheesy as that might sound) and for it FINALLY being Thanksgiving! To address the first part of that answer I’m going to tell you all about another hidden gem I have found in my recent explorations of Providence – the Providence Athenaeum Library! Built in 1836 (according to their website, which you can look at here:, the Providence Athenaeum has been providing public, free access to this beautiful study space since 1850, when the library was opened to the public. This library (pictured above) not only presents a great opportunity for Brown students to get off the Hill (even if it is only halfway down the hill on College St.) and study in a picturesque, quiet space free from the stress of going to the Sciences Library or the Rockefeller Library during these final stretches of the semester. Also, you can check out any of the books in the Athenaeum OR the Fleet Library (see my earlier post on “Hidden Gems” if you want to learn more about that library) if you become a member of the Athenaeum, which is only $35 dollars for college students!

To address the second part of that answer, as you probably can tell based on the breadth of Thanksgiving-oriented posts on the blog this week, Thanksgiving break has finally arrived! Whether you’re at home doing this:


At your friends house doing this:


Or still at Brown doing this:


…every student here is taking full advantage of the 5-7 day break to get some last minute “me-time” or sleep before the finals hit, which is exactly how Thanksgiving break SHOULD be!

So for those of you on Thanksgiving break as well – enjoy your holiday! Eat a lot of turkey, knit a scarf, get in a fight with the family dog over that last slice of cranberry , and stay warm!

Until next time…

Did I hit what you wanted to know? Want a specific topic covered in the blog that hasn’t been covered yet? Need a person to rant to about the frustrations of the college application process? Feel free to shoot me an email at

Ever true to Brown,

Emily Schell


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